About us


About MockaConsult

Mocka Consult was founded in 2014, when Jørgen decided it was time to become independent. Bettinas consulting company Koochi (2005-2014) was shut down and all activities moved to the new company, for simplicity. The company works with both publi and oritvate companies that wishes to improve therie IT solutions or adress psychological issues in the organisation to create lasting solutions for the people and the company.


Why the name Mocka Consult? We have chosen to name the company after our beloved dog Mocka, who always possesed a firm belief in her own abilities and had the courage to take on any challenge she was facing. This attitude made averone around her feel confident in her choices and you never doubted her to protect you if necessary.


We hope to install the same confidense and trust in our customer relations. We are also very fond of drinking coffee, so please contact us for a cup of mokka and let us discuss how we can contribute to your business and working life.



Mocka Consult • CVR 32593895 • 2740 Skovlunde • Tlf +45 2462 1344